Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy has been shown to be an extremely successful, clinically proven treatment and is now known to be the “Gold standard” first-line treatment for conditions such as incontinence or prolapse.


FITZ AND PHYSIO can help with the following:

  • Urine leakage

  • Return to sport post baby

  • Overactive bladder

  • Pain from your episiotomy or tear

  • Optimising your recovery following a third or fourth degree tear

  • Rehabilitation pre / post gynaecological surgery

  • Return to sport post baby

  • Aches and pains whilst pregnant

  • Recovery post childbirth – abdominal separation / ‘tummy gap’

  • Caesarean scar pain

  • Vaginal Prolapse

  • Pelvic floor muscle tightness

  • Pelvic floor weakness

  • Back, pelvis, hip and rib pain

Often these conditions are due to a problem with the pelvic floor muscles; they can be weak, too tight or be poorly controlled. Constipation can also play a part. A lot of women think it’s normal to have problems after you’ve had a baby – but it’s not! It can take some time to pluck up the courage to seek help, but remember it’s all treatable.

The key tools for diagnosis include listening to a patient’s history, observing their posture and movements, examining their muscles and joints and often internal examination.

A bespoke recovery plan will then be formulated and may include manual therapy techniques, acupuncture, specific exercises, Pilates, internal manual therapy techniques, relaxation and breathing techniques, advice on toileting and positional modifications, fluid and dietary advice, rehabilitative pelvic floor exercise and bladder retraining